Training for Vets, Vet Nurses, Animal Therapists and Owners

Sara has taught and trained both professionals in a multitude of sports medicine modalities, and owners in first aid, training and owner facilitated rehabilitation in New Zealand, Australia and Europe.


Sara has taught and trained both professionals and owners in a multitude of sports medicine modalities in New Zealand, Australia and Europe. She is a lecturer and trainer for the International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic, offers training in other modalities and is an enthusiastic and engaging public speaker, having attended and presented at events internationally.

Sara can work with you to develop and present courses according to your requirements, and offers regular training both online and in person through the Zoominals Learning Hub. Training is also available specifically for veterinary nurses (small animal and equine) in veterinary rehabilitation, allowing effective and practical integration of rehabilitation services to veterinary clinics. 

  • Tailored training options, lunch and learns, webinars and Q&A sessions, or pre-built and tested courses for all levels
  • Training for vet nurses-introduce rehabilitation to your veterinary practice
  • In-person or remote training
  • Fundraising options for clubs and schools
  • A percentage of all takings is contributed to Community Vet NZ, our sister social enterprise
  • Training from a qualified professional, experienced at teaching and offering valuable training in diversified veterinary subjects
  • We are happy to provide estimates of treatment costs. Price is dependent on service provided-please contact us for more details.

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